Hawaii Elopement Costs: Ways to Save + Our Top Budgeting Tips

October 28, 2022

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Today we’re talking all things money, honey!! If you’re wondering, “How much does it cost to elope in Hawaii?” then you’ve made it to the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to go through average Hawaii elopement costs, 10 ways to save money on your Hawaii elopement, and 3 sample budgets to show you what your Hawaii elopement spending could look like. Ready to get down into some nitty-gritty numbers?

What Costs Should You Consider if You’re Eloping in Hawaii?

Let’s start right off with a big list of EVERY single cost we could think of, that you might need to consider when planning your Hawaii elopement budget! You may not need or want all of these things for your elopement, but we wanted to list out every possibility to make sure you don’t forget about something until the month before – only to realize “oh shit, we didn’t budget for that!”

Here’s a comprehensive list of every Hawaii elopement cost we could think of that you would possibly need to budget for:

    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Officiant
    • Florist
    • Hair stylist
    • Makeup artist
    • Planner and/or coordinator
    • Caterer/food truck/chef/bartender
    • Musicians/bands
    • Rentals/decor
    • Lighting/sound
    • Stationery (invitations, RSVP’s, save the dates, place cards, menus, table numbers, etc.)
    • Cake/dessert
    • Venue rental
    • Entrance fees
    • Parking fees
    • Vehicle reservation (for some national parks)
    • Park monitor fee (for some national parks)
    • Round trip flights
    • Rental car
      • Additional extra driver/underage driver/insurance fees
    • Public transportation – bus pass, taxis/Ubers/Lyfts, etc.
    • Guest transportation – buses, vans, limos, etc.
    • Parking fees
    • For you
    • For your guests
    • Additional pet fees
    • Additional event fees (if staying at an Airbnb)
    • Hawaii marriage license
    • Special Use Permit
    • Commercial use permit (for your vendors)
    • Hawaii Wiki Permit
    • Dress
    • Tux
    • Ties
    • Veil
    • Jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hairpieces, cufflinks, rings)
    • Flower crown
    • Hats
    • Shoes
    • Jackets
    • Favors/gifts for guests
    • Meals (groceries + eating out)
    • Drinks
    • Snacks
    • Rehearsal dinner
    • Any activities you want to book (e.g. ziplining, horseback riding, ranch tours, scuba diving, snorkel tours, etc.)

Average Hawaii Elopement Costs

Now, we’ll give you a very quick overview of the average Hawaii elopement costs for some of the bigger costs you’ll pay for your elopement. Keep in mind that these numbers are super subjective, and will completely depend on what YOUR own unique elopement looks like! We’ve taken these averages for a sample, week-long Hawaii elopement to help you get a slight idea of what your elopement costs could look like. Note that the round trip flight costs are based on flights from Dallas to Kailua-Kona – we tried to keep it fair by leaving from the central U.S. so the costs weren’t on the extreme cheap/expensive ends.

For a few different sample Hawaii elopement itineraries based on different budgets, skip down to the end of this blog post, where we’ve broken down what an Oahu elopement could look like with a $10K, $15K, and $25K budget!

Hawaii wedding venue cost: $5,800*

*Based on pricing estimates from the following venues: Kona Beach Hotel, Papa Kona, Fairmont Orchid, Puakea Ranch, & Surf Club

Hawaii national park elopement cost: $150*

*Based on the Special Use Permit cost for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii elopement photo + video cost: $6500*

*Based on packages from yours truly 😉

Hawaii elopement flower cost: $2000*

*Based on pricing estimates from the following florists: La Flor Events, Sanddollars Floral, Lulu’s Lei + Bouquets, & Anny Heid Flowers

Hawaii elopement dress + outfit cost: $2,900*

*Based on beachy elopement dresses from Lulu’s, Rue de Seine, Etsy, & Daci Gowns

Hawaii round trip flight cost: $1,200*

*Based on round trip American Airlines flight costs per person from Dallas to Kailua-Kona

Hawaii rental car cost: $800*

*Based on Avis pricing estimates for a week-long, compact car rental on the Big Island

Hawaii Turo car cost: $600*

*Based on pricing estimates for a week-long, mid-size car rental on the Big Island

Hawaii resort cost: $2,800*

*Based on pricing estimates for a week-long, one-bedroom stay for 2 at the following Big Island resorts: Kona Coast Resort, Royal Kona Resort, & Marriott King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel

Hawaii Airbnb cost: $1,600*

*Based on pricing estimates for a week-long stay for 2 at an Airbnb on the Big Island

Hawaii marriage license cost: $65

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Hawaii Elopement

Now that you’ve got a solid idea of all the costs you’ll want to consider, let’s talk about how you can save some monayyy on your Hawaii elopement! Because let’s be real – not everybody has an unlimited budget or the means to go all-out on their elopement, especially when Hawaii is a pretty dang expensive place to visit in the first place. Here are 10 ways you can cut costs with your Hawaii elopement!

1. Elope outdoors rather than at a traditional venue

We often suggest that our couples elope in a more adventurous, outdoorsy place rather than a traditional wedding venue, because this can help cut down on costs in a MAJOR way. One of the biggest costs involved with planning a wedding is typically the venue that you rent, what with site rental fees, bartender fees, catering packages, planner costs, on-site accommodations, etc. They can rack up suuuuper quickly.

So if you’re not attached to the idea of getting married at a traditional wedding venue, think outside the box a little and consider eloping at a national park, a state park, a beach, or somewhere else that doesn’t require you to rent an entire venue! Instead of having to pay a ton of costs associated with booking a venue, you’ll only have to worry about parking fees for you & your guests, as well as getting the necessary Hawaii Special Use Permit and/or a Hawaii Wiki Permit – which cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than any venue you could possibly find.

If you’re looking for help choosing where you should hold your Hawaii elopement, check out our Comprehensive List of the Best Places to Elope in Hawaii!!

2. Incorporate free activities into your elopement

Who says you have to pay for an activity in order for it to be worthwhile, meaningful, and memorable? Instead of booking expensive, tourist-y activities such as snorkeling or ziplining (which, don’t get us wrong, are SO much fun), you can totally opt to incorporate cheap or free things into your elopement. 


  • Waterfall hikes (or any type of hike, for that matter)
  • Picnics with views
  • Walks along the beach at sunset
  • Reading books on your Airbnb’s lanai
  • Making a home-cooked meal at your Airbnb

Pick activities that will be meaningful to the two of you and any guests you’re inviting, and remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune if you don’t want to!

Need some help brainstorming fun ideas to incorporate into your elopement day, whether it’s just the two of you or you & a few of your closest loved ones? Check out this list we created of 60 Unique Elopement Ideas for Your Dream Elopement Day!

3. Book flights through sites like Hopper or Skyscanner

We won’t lie to ya – flights to Hawaii can get crazy expensive, especially if you’re flying from the east coast. We definitely recommend flying out of a larger airport if you can, even if it means making a drive from where you live + paying to park your car at the airport – it’ll likely be much cheaper than booking flights out of a small airport!

To find the cheapest flights possible, you can use a site/app like Hopper or Skyscanner! They’ll dig deep through the web to find you the cheapest airline tickets – just keep in mind that these cheap tickets may not include things like checked bags or seat choices.

4. Rent a car through Turo

If you’ve never heard of Turo, you’re missin’ out! Turo is an awesome car sharing company – think Airbnb, but for cars. If it’s too expensive for you to rent a car through a company such as Avis or Hertz, we highly recommend checking out Turo instead. You’ll be able to look up specific pickup & dropoff points (including airports), read past customer reviews, and will often be able to find cheaper day rates than you would with a typical car rental company.

5. Stay at a cozy Airbnb instead of a luxury resort

We know Hawaii is famous for its uber-beautiful luxury beachfront resorts – but trust us when we say there are JUST as many incredible Airbnbs out there for you to choose from! Resorts are getting less and less popular with the rise of Airbnbs, because now, you can find wayyy cheaper nightly rates for amazing condos, townhomes, & apartments on Airbnb, compared to what you’d pay at a resort. If you want the services + amenities that come with a resort (such as complimentary meals, spa services, etc.), then by all means, splurge & go for it – but you can absolutely find equally as beautiful, cozy Airbnbs for cheaper prices.

6. Prioritize your budget by what’s most important to you

Budgeting for your elopement is all about deciding what you value MOST, and what are your top priorities. 

For us, what we value most isn’t necessary the fanciest place to stay, or the most luxury rental car – it’s great food, a scenic adventure, and photo + video to document it all. We really value having photos & videos for us to look back on for years to come (and yes, we may be slightly biased) – having those incredible memories documented is something we’d definitely regret skimping on. Figure out what the two of YOU value most, not what your mom or aunt or sisters value/want you to spend your money on. After all, isn’t that why you’re eloping?!

Pick a few things (whether it’s your travel, vendors, accommodations, or activities) that are your absolute top priorities that you’re willing to spend more money on, and figure out what you’re okay spending less on, or DIY’ing. This will help you immensely when it comes to planning your budget and building out your elopement itinerary!

If you’re like us and want to make sure you hire professionals to document your elopement that you spent so much precious time & money on, check out what we offer for Hawaii elopements here! We’d be honored to be the ones to freeze these moments in time for you and make sure you’re able to remember them for the rest of your lives + share them with your loved ones.

7. Keep your florals simple

If you’ve decided that florals aren’t one of your very top priorities, you can totally create beautiful floral pieces on your own (or keep your florist budget to a minimum)! We usually suggest the most simple options for elopement florals, especially if you’re having a hiking or adventure elopement and will have to carry your florals around. Consider investing in (or DIY’ing) a bouquet and a floral headpiece/crown for ladies, and a lei made of eucalyptus or Ti Leaves for men!

8. Buy groceries & cook your own meals

Renting an Airbnb with a fridge & microwave can be a great way to keep your food spending to a minimum! Stop for groceries at Walmart or wherevs, & then eat at least one meal a day from your Airnb. Personally, we do a lot of oatmeal for breakfast and PB&J’s for lunch – and then we neverrrrr skimp out on dinner & dessert 😉

9. Thrift your elopement outfits

If you’re not too picky about your dress/tux/outfit, and would rather spend money on something that won’t just hang in your closet after the big day, consider thrifting your elopement outfits, or buying them from a cheaper online retailer. Lulu’s has a TON of stunning dress options, and you’d be surprised how many choices Etsy has, as well. Hit up your local thrift/vintage stores, or even check out Facebook Marketplace to find a gently used, lower-cost outfit that won’t break the bank!

10. Cut down your guest list

Finally, keeping your guest list to a minimum is one of the top ways to spend less on your elopement. If you have no guests, you won’t have to worry about paying for guest accommodations, transportation, or meals – instead, your friends/fam can send love from back home, and you can spend your money on experiences for yourselves! If you do want to have guests, keep your numbers low, and maybe choose one meal that you treat them to – then let them know the rest is up to them, and give them some yummy local dining options to help ‘em out. You can also cook a meal at your Airbnb with your guests, or have everybody contribute, potluck style!

Sample Hawaii Elopement Costs for an Oahu Elopement

It’s hard to provide you with an estimate of what your Hawaii elopement might cost, because every couple’s needs, wants, priorities, & budgets are SO different. So we created 3 sample Hawaii elopement budgets of $10K, $15K, and $25K that we hope can help give you somewhat of an idea of how different priorities can affect your budget! 

We’ve included all the things these imaginary couples need, as well as what they want to pay for, and you can easily visualize what kinds of things racked up the highest costs + what you could spend less on or DIY. 

Again, please remember that these budgets & numbers are SO subjective!!

Hawaii Elopement Budget: $10K

A 4-day, 3-night September elopement on the island of Oahu, with no guests, and the couple traveling in from Seattle. The couple has already officially gotten married, so they’ll do a symbolic unity ceremony – without having to worry about any of the legal stuff! They’re on a fairly tight budget, so they’ll be squeezing what they can out of their $10K to cover only their absolute top priorities, including photo + video. They want to elope in the fall, when it’s super warm, and they’re okay with the slightly higher flight + accommodation prices that come with that.


  • Hawaii Beach Wiki Permit: $20 + $0.10 per square foot
  • Round trip flights from Seattle: $600/person = $1,200 total
  • Airbnb condo for 2: $750
  • Mid-size rental car from Turo: $400
  • Breakfasts/lunches (cereal/oatmeal + sandwiches): $75
  • Thrifted outfits: $200/person = $400
  • Dinners (out): $75/night = $225



  • Photo + video: $6,500
  • Simple flower crown & boutonniere: $250


TOTAL: $9,820

Hawaii Elopement Budget: $15K

A 7-day, 6-night January elopement on the island of Oahu, with no guests, and the couple traveling in from Los Angeles. The couple will be legally getting married in Hawaii, with a national park ceremony, and wants to incorporate a fun activity or two into their elopement without breaking the bank! They want to cover their top needs, top vendor priorities (including photo + video), with wiggle room to eat dinners out and adventure around the island. They’re okay eloping during the slightly colder season in order to get cheaper flights + accommodations.


  • Hawaii National Park Special Use Permit: $150
  • Hawaii marriage license: $65
  • Officiant: $200
  • Round trip flights from Los Angeles: $400/person = $800 total
  • Airbnb condo for 2: $1,400
  • Mid-size rental car from Turo: $750
  • Breakfasts/lunches (cereal/oatmeal + sandwiches): $150
  • Dress from Lulu’s: $200
  • Suit from ASOS: $300
  • Dinners (out): $75/night = $450



  • Photo + video: $6,500
  • Bouquet + flower crown + boutonniere: $500
  • Ceremony arbor: $200
  • Hair + makeup: $350
  • Decorated tablescape for dinner at their Airbnb: $350
  • Ziplining tour: $200/person = $400
  • Horseback riding tour: $175/person = $350
  • Snorkeling tour: $200/person = $400
  • Spending money: $1,500

TOTAL WANTS: $10,550

TOTAL: $15,015

Hawaii Elopement Budget: $25K

A 7-day, 6-night May elopement on the island of Oahu, with 5 guests, and the couple traveling in from Boston. The couple will be legally getting married in Hawaii, with a national park elopement ceremony & a beautiful reception at a wedding venue with their guests. They want to stay at a luxury resort on the beach, cover their top priorities (photo + video, food, & decor), and plan fun activities to do with their guests. They’d rather put their money toward photo/video/activites/delicious food than their outfits, so they’re okay spending less on their outfits + DIY’ing their florals, and having a larger food budget to treat their guests.


  • Hawaii National Park Special Use Permit: $150
  • Hawaii marriage license: $65
  • Officiant: $200
  • Hawaii wedding reception venue rental: $4,000
  • Round trip flights from Boston: $800/person = $1,600
  • Luxury resort stay for 2: $7,500
  • Mid-size rental car from Turo: $750
  • Thrifted outfits: $200/person = $400
  • Breakfasts/lunches: Included in resort package
  • Dinners (out): $75/night for 4 nights (other 2 nights covered below) = $300

TOTAL NEEDS: $14,965


  • Photo + video: $6,500
  • Private chef for one night: $600
  • Ceremony arbor: $200
  • Hair + makeup: $350
  • DIY flowers from a local grocery store: $75
  • Snorkeling tour: $200/person = $400
  • Jeep tour: $150/person = $300
  • Horseback riding tour: $175/person = $350
  • Ziplining tour for them & their 5 guests: $200/person = $1,400
  • Massages + spa services on their elopement day: $750
  • 5-star elopement dinner for them & their 5 guests: $1,000

TOTAL WANTS: $11,925

TOTAL; $26,890 (close enough for this example’s sake!)

Complete Hawaii Elopement Guide: Permits, Ideas, & More

And there ya have it – all of our top tips for budgeting for your Hawaii elopement costs, and a big overview of what it costs to elope in Hawaii!

Because there is SO much more we wanted to cover in this blog post, we went ahead and created a whole damn seperate guide for you that covers all things Hawaii elopements. From how to choose which island you want to get married on, to what permits you’ll need, to how to hire your vendors, this Complete Hawaii Elopement Guide has EVERYTHING you need to know about eloping in Hawaii.

Happy budgeting!