Magical Disney-Inspired Wedding in Pasadena, California

April 7, 2023

We had an absolute BLAST capturing Cyl + Jesus’s Disney-inspired wedding in Pasadena, California last fall! This was by far one of the most fun receptions we’ve seen to date, featuring Disney-themed decor, details, and colors galore. One could say that their wedding was straight out of a fairytale. . . or that it was a day “where dreams came true” 😉🏰 (how many Disney jokes can we make in one blog post??) 

We included a ton of photos in this blog to show you all of their Disney-themed decor, so if you’re considering having your own Disney wedding – take note! These two freaking nailed it😎

Cyl + Jesus’ Fairytale Wedding in Pasadena, CA

A beautiful traditional ceremony at Incarnation Catholic Church

Cyl + Jesus are super sweet, loving, and church-focused people, so they started off their celebration with a traditional church wedding at the parish they serve at, Incarnation Catholic Church. It was a full mass wedding, and was even bilingual so that all of their friends + loved ones could participate! We always love when couples incorporate important parts of their lives into their special day, so it was really cool to see them gather with their guests at a place that’s meaningful to them & their relationship.

Enchanting wedding portraits at the Brand Park Library

After making things official, we headed to the Brand Park Library in Glendale for to enjoy the blue skies + sunshine and to take portraits of the newlyweds. And WOW did Cyl look like a real-life Disney princess walking up the library steps🤯The way her voluminous train draped over the staircase perfectly and how the crown atop her head sparkled in the sunlight?! Freaking unreal. She and Jesus looked like a damn fairytale couple-come-true in front of this iconic building – and underneath the majestic arches where the sun rays peeked through. AND in front of the stunning fountain. This library pretty much provided the most enchanting backdrop we could’ve asked for, for this gorgeous couple!

A magical, Disney-inspired wedding reception at Pinocchio’s Pizza

Once we’d gotten enough (well, there could NEVER be enough) dreamy portraits of these two, we made our way to Pinocchio’s Pizza for their reception, featuring all things Disney & all things MAGIC. It was only fitting that they’d host their party at a restaurant that shares a name with a Disney character!

Okay, now for one of our favorite parts of the night: instead of doing a traditional bouquet & garter toss, Cyl and Jesus did a “Jack & Sally” toss – where they tossed Funko Pops of Jack & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! It was so fun and unique😆 During the dance party, they also did a money dance, which is a Mexican tradition where the guests dance with the bride & groom and pin money on them! These two really made their reception so personal to them, which was just so special to witness.

Now, let’s move on and look at more of their Disney decor + details in-depth – get ready to fall in love with the magical night they put together!

Dreamy Disney-Themed Wedding Inspiration

We couldn’t choose just a few photos of Cyl + Jesus’s enchanting, Disney-inspired wedding – soooo we thought we might as well dedicate a whole section to it! 😉 If you’re big fans of everything Disney and are thinking of having a Disney-themed wedding and/or reception like these two did, then these next few photos have got alllll the Disney-themed wedding decor, details, & inspo you’ll ever need. There were Disney characters and references hidden EVERYWHERE, so we hope you have fun looking at them – we grabbed as many shots of them as we could find!

Disney-themed wedding color palette

Let’s start off with the color palette, an essential part of any wedding day. Cyl + Jesus went with pastel colors that really brought the light, dreamy Disney vibe to life through their decor, dessert, outfits, and florals! Instead of having florals that were specifically Disney-inspired, they opted for bouquets of bright pink and purple flowers to remind you of that Disney charm you loved when you were little (and still love).

Disney-themed wedding stationary

The stationary was one of the first parts of the wedding we captured, and we could already tell these two had put in the effort to make it magical. They created the most gorgeous invitations featuring the Disney castle and fonts reminiscent of old Disney movies – they looked like formal invitations to some sort of magical ball out of Cinderella! The invitations were neatly placed in a pale purple envelope, with a gorgeous wax seal – featuring, you guessed it: the Disney castle.

Disney-themed wedding jewelry

If you thought Cyl’s crown didn’t make her look ENOUGH like a beautiful queen out of a Disney movie, she also wore the most adorable Mickey Mouse pearl earrings. Enough said – the cutest things ever.

Disney-themed wedding signage

We loooved the signage they had at their wedding reception and the little Disney references throughout, starting with their “CJCC” sign, which had cartoon-ish photos of the two of them as well as brightly-colored Disney illustrations! But our favorite was probably the guest seating sign, because every table featured an adorable little Disney character (or a pair of Disney characters).

Disney-themed wedding table decor

And last but not least, the table decor was *phenomenal.* Every table had a fishbowl in the middle with small glass crystals and one (or multiple) Disney character in Funko Pop form. PLUS, there was a corresponding table sign sticking out of the bouquets! These were the cutest things ever and made every table so fun + unique. What better way to make sure your guests are having fun than to remind them of their favorite childhood movies & characters?

All in all, Cyl + Jesus’s wedding was SUCH a beautiful day that we are so glad we got to be a part of. We hope you loved their Disney-inspired wedding decor + details as much as we did and that they may help you plan your own magical wedding!!

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