ReeLS & TIkTok Creation For Photographers

Spend more time with family + friends while staying consistent on social media

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I'm an elopement photographer & videographer for my business, Elope With TKM. I'm passionate about helping my fellow photography entrepreneurs & badass business owners go from overwhelmed to consistent AF in their social media presence.

Through being part of the wedding photography community, I realized how much of a NEED there is for help with quality content creation - specifically with Reels & TikToks. We all have incredible photos to show the world, but don't want to spend any more time editing videos with them.

But great news - I’m here to help, and I won’t need any access to your social media accounts!

You no longer have to say “fuck the algorithm” just so you can have 10 freakin’ minutes of free time to yourself.

You can stay trendy AND give both Instagram + TikTok the content they want without feeling overworked.

You can stay relevant using the content you’ve already created, all while building that know-like-trust factor that’s essential to booking new clients.

And who knows, you could even go viral!

I’ll create your Reels & TikToks so you don’t have to. I’ll help you hack the algorithms by creating consistent video content, therefore boosting your organic reach. I’ll make your professional photos & BTS videos into dope videos that stay up to date with current trends.

I’ll set everything up for you so all you'll need to do is upload the videos to your drafts, add your text, and click post whenever you’d like.

You’ll have trendy content for days, ready to reach new potential clients at the touch of a button. You’ll look professional AF, all while being able to post your content the way you want it.

You’ll FINALLY be able to spend less time worrying about falling behind on social media, and spend more time..

with your family

actually enjoying your vacations

focusing on your health goals

playing video games

cleaning your house

having drinks with friends

& doing whatever the hell you want to do.

Sound good to you? Let’s fucking do this.

Here's one of my Reels :) I also uploaded it to TikTok & used it as an ad! ^

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Reach more potential clients ORGANICALLY with the content you're already so proud of. I'll create your trendy videos so you can do more of what you love to do.

videos created by a photographer, for a photographer

give the algorithms exactly what they want, with no extra editing

Ever since TikTok started trending, it felt like the algorithms turned against all of us when it comes to organic reach. Now Instagram requires video creation in addition to consistent photo uploads, and let’s be honest - it was hard enough to post photos on a consistent basis! Videos take SO much longer, especially if you want to be sure everything is synced to the beat & has professional vibes.

6 month agreement

4 month agreement

1 Month of content

25 trendy videos PER MONTH for easy upload to Reels/TikTok/YouTube Shorts (150 videos total)

25 trendy videos PER MONTH for easy upload to Reels/TikTok/YouTube Shorts (100 videos total)

25 trendy videos for easy upload to Reels/TikTok/YouTube Shorts

$4800 (one time fee)

-or- $800/mo

$3500 (one time fee)

-or- $875/mo

$997 (one time fee)

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Let's Work

Are you ready to spend less time creating content for social media & more time doing whatever the hell you want to do? Send me an email & tell me about your business :)

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